Lawn Care - Tips

ProVision Partners Co-op Lawn Care Tips


RECYCLE GRASS CLIPPINGS: They are 85 percent water and return 20 percent of their nitrogen to the soil to feed the lawn's root system. They decompose rapidly and return nutrients to the soil.

MOWING HEIGHT: For most lawns in central Wisconsin - We recommend a 2 1/2 to 3 inch cutting height during the hottest months. Grass can be mowed shorter in the cooler months.

TIMING: Determining when to mow should be based on the growth rate of the grass, not on the calendar. To keep your lawn looking its best, remove only about 1/3 of the leaf blade each time you mow. Try changing direction each time you mow. This will keep the grass growing erect. It also reduces turf wear and the possibility of scalping.

SHARP BLADE: A sharp mower blade is probably the single most important requirement for mowing. A dull blade rips and shreds the grass making it susceptible to disease and insects.

HOT WEATHER CONDITIONS: During the hottest months, it is a good idea to water your lawn the day before, then try to mow during the coolest part of the day.

If there isn't measurable precipitation within 4-5 days after the lawn has been fertilized, please try to water the lawn. This will get the fertilizer into the root zone and help keep your lawn greener.

Remember, after a herbicide application has been done to your lawn, pets should be kept off for 24 hours and people for 4 to 5 hours.


During any extended hot-dry spells, lawns or parts of lawn will go dormant, don't worry about this. When growing conditions become more favorable it will green up again.

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