Luxemburg Country Store

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Address: 137 Center Dr, Luxemburg, WI

Feed and Supplies for All Your Animals!

Luxemburg Country Store is here to be your go-to animal feed store and so much more. If you love your animals, you will love what we have to offer them.

We enjoy serving many types of customers on a daily basis – agricultural farms, wild bird enthusiasts, pet and horse owners with a variety of products for all. We have a full line of Livestock items for commercial and show herds as well as many products for exotic and special needs animals too! The knowledgeable staff can help with livestock, pet and wild life feed recommendations, lawn and garden care and much more. Don’t forget our unique gifts and collectibles home products as well!


From the picky eater to the sensitive stomach, Luxemburg Country Store has it all, along with a knowledgeable staff that can help you find just what you need. With a wide variety of brands and products, you are sure to find something your pet will love.

We carry: Exclusive, Infinia, Red Flannel, Fromm, Taste of the Wild, raw food and more! Our stores have a great selection of fun treats, toys and supplies too!


We are proud to carry the complete line of Purina Animal Nutrition equine feeds for our customers! From growing foals, prime performance horses, to ageing seniors – we have a wide selection for you!

We stock textured, pelleted and extruded feeds, along with ration balancer, complete feeds and whole grains. Don’t forget vitamin & mineral supplements – we have loose salt and mineral, blocks and even tubs!

Lawn & Garden

We have what you need for your lawn & garden. From grass seed, fertilizers, mulch and potting soil to garden tools, shovels, hoes, gardening gloves, tomato cages and decorative pots.

In the spring, we feature Olds Seeds seed packets for vegetables and flowers. If you need more info about our Lawn & Garden supplies contact us!


From chicks to show birds – we have everything to keep your flock happy & productive! We carry the full line of Purina Animal Nutrition Poultry feeds! We stock crumbles, pellets, blocks and more.

If your birds are growing, laying eggs, organic, free range or meat birds – we can help find the right feed for you! Need chicks for your growing flock? You can order and pick-up chicks at our Silver Lake and Luxemburg Country Stores! We offer layers, broilers, ducks, turkeys and specialty breeds!


Wondering what else we have to offer? Deer Products from Purina, Domain LLC, Trophy Rock and Big Tine to name a few. We love small animals too....including products for Guinea pigs, rabbits, rodents, mini pigs, pot belly pigs, birds and chinchillas. Fish....we have pond fish food to.

Have questions about our all the products we offer? Feel free to contact us!


Looking for that “different” gift? Stop in and check out our unique array of gift ideas. From home décor items, chunky saying sitters and clocks, to aprons, fun dish towels and mugs. While you are here, take a peek at the “Wisconsin” sweatshirts & tshirts we have in stock.

We proudly feature lotions, soaps & lip balms from Gau’s Udderly Acres....made right in Algoma, WI. For more info on our full line of Gifts, contact us!

Store Hours

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