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ProVision Partners Cooperative provides a wide variety of refined fuel products to meet a broad spectrum of vehicle and equipment fuel needs. Products, such as Cenex Roadmaster XL® can deliver advanced performance under demanding conditions.

Cenex Roadmaster XL® Premium Highway Diesel Fuel

Every gallon of Cenex Roadmaster XL® Premium Highway Diesel Fuel contains a special additive to meet the tough demands of today's engine technology.

In engines designed to meet new Environmental Protection Agency emission standards, increased pressure and temperatures can literally "cook" typical #2 diesel fuel, resulting in injector/filter problems, reduced efficiency and costly repairs. We are proud to offer a premium fuel that helps alleviate this problem experienced in modernized diesel engines (2007 models and newer).

Cenex Roadmaster XL is also designed to optimize performance and reduce downtime in all diesel engines. In fact, no other diesel fuel contains a more complete, balanced and quality additive package. Compared to typical #2 diesel fuel, Cenex Roadmaster XL:

Cenex Roadmaster XL is an investment that pays for itself with better performance, less downtime and increased efficiency. Get the diesel fuel that's proven and tested to deliver precisely what fleets, fleet managers and drivers need.