About Us

ProVision Partners Cooperative - About Us


"Drive strategic growth through premier employee expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure."


"To profitably provide trusted expertise, quality supplies and proven services to support customer success."

Statement of Values
  1. We value our commitment to safety.
  2. We value doing business with integrity and honesty.
  3. We value agriculture and our farmers impact to the world.
  4. We value giving back to the communities in which we live and work.
  5. We value growth and success of our customers and employees.

You Own The Company

Members of the ProVision Partners Cooperative are not only taking advantage of quality products and services at a fair price, but are enjoying the benefits of having a voice in the direction of their cooperative as well as earning patronage bonuses on most purchases. Take a closer look at our products and services! You'll find many reasons to make ProVision Partners Cooperative your one-stop supplier for your farm, business and family needs.

Board of Directors

ProVision Partners Cooperative provides goods and services for its owners. The member/owners of the co-op elect the board of directors to represent them, oversee the operations and set polices for the co-op. The board of directors elect a chairperson to preside and officiate, establish company polices and hire a general manager to carry out the policies.


David Brill

Vice Chairman:

Chris Leick


Mark Vobora


Jeff Meyer


Harvey Petersen


Steve Sternweis


Bruce Wayerski


Aaron Kidd


Tony Lien

General Manager: Rob Larson

The General Manager supervises the day-to-day operations of ProVision Partners Cooperative. The manager is responsible for hiring the employees of the co-op and providing overall leadership direction to employees.

Division and Department Heads
Division Department Contact Person Phone Fax
Administration General Manager Rob Larson 800-236-1041 715-687-4126
  Chief Financial Officer Robert Bauer 715-387-1291
  Credit/Marketing Manager Dawn Beihoffer 715-387-1291
  Human Resource Dawn Krueger 715-387-1291
  Fleet Manager Rob Kocian 715-223-6667
  Chief Operations Officer Nate Bennington 715-307-1291
  IT Manager Abe Kurtzweil 715-502-2907
  Hixton Regional Manager Bob Boberg 715-963-3211  
Feed/Grain Feed Division Manager/Auburndale Location Manager Ed Sabey 715-502-3134 or 
  Stratford Location Manager Ed Sabey 715-687-4136 715-687-2318
  Chili Location Manger Gary Fuller 715-683-2406 715-683-8069
  Humbird Location Manager Jeff Hurst 715-964-2411 715-964-1241
  Feed Sales Manager Howard Hoffman 715-502-2906 715-502-3134
  CHS Hedging Broker Mike Raasch 715-650-7926  
  Feed Ingriedent Merchandiser Howard Groshek 715-502-3134  
  Grain Merchandiser Kelly Erickson 715-687-4683 715-687-2318
  Grain Division Manager Nate Bennington 715-687-4136 or
  West Salem Feed Location Manager Jonas Schank 608-786-1102  
Agronomy Division Auburndale Location Manager Tom Hoffman 715-652-2300 715-652-3813
  Unity Location Manager Mike Kurzinski 715-223-2308 715-223-2851
  Hixton Location Manager Bob Boberg 715-963-3211  
  Warrens Cranberry Division Danielle Cemenski 608-378-4640  
  Agronomy Sales Manager Brad Mathson 715-963-3211  
Energy Division Manager Troy Thompson 715-387-1291  
  Auburndale Cenex C-Store Jaclyn Zimmerman 715-502-3131  
  Stratford Cenex C-Store  Megan Newby 715-687-3217 715-687-3366
  Pittsville Cenex C-Store Karin Safer 715-884-2501 715-884-6301
  Colby Cenex C-Store Debbie Schoelzel 715-223-2440 715-223-4526
  Black River Falls/Hwy 54 Cenex C-Store Jessica Kunes 715-284-3138  
  Hixton Cenex C-Store Jennifer Drinovsky 715-963-3752  
  Fairchild/Northfield Cenex C-Store April Eisberner 715-334-5901  
  Merrillan Cenex C-Store Nadine Matoska 715-333-7650  
Country Store Marshfield Store Manager Jim Bauer 715-387-1045 715-384-7074
  Hixton Store Manager Bob Boberg 715-963-3211 715-384-7074
Lawn Care Department Manager Todd Halvorsen 715-387-3734 715-384-7074
Tire / Service Center Department Manager Tom Dommer 715-687-4139 715-687-8140