Feed Services

ProVision Partners Co-op - Feed Services

ProVision Partners feed services include:

  • Route delivery- bagged feed and other farm supplies
  • Bulk feed and mineral
  • Liquid, pelleted and custom blended feeds
  • Experienced knowledgeable feed nutritionists for all types of livestock
  • Personalized Dairy Rations
  • PhD consulting through Land O' Lakes and Purina
  • Pellet Mill - Enhances palatability of feed, reduces dust and increases density of nutrients
  • Bulk Mineral Plant - Customized bulk and bagged mineral
  • Roller Grinder Mill - Less particle fines; improve feed quality along with proper particle size
  • Quality Control Program - Consistent feed formulations and random quality lab testing of ingredients

Our fleet of 6 bulk feed trucks have the ability to deliver bulk feed, grain or mineral blends directly to your operation (up to 24 ton capacity). Our customers can count on regular, on-time deliveries, and our experienced production staff is dedicated to getting the job done right.

Our convenient delivery to your farm(s) saves you time and money. We run eight routes that run biwweekly (Monday-Thursday) out of our Stratford location. We have "hand delivery" of your bag order to your storage, it carries a $6.00 delivery fee with maximum delivery of 3,000 pounds. We also offer a "No-Touch delivery." With this option, the truck driver employs a forklift to drop off your order on a wooden pallet. There is no delivery fee with this option and has a maximum of 4,000 pounds. Off route deliveries are avaliable for a $29.00 fee and any deliveries that exceed the maximum weight descriptions. Please call befored noon the day before your scheduled delivery day to help us get orders to you in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Route truck has the following schedule alternating every other week:

Monday: Hwy 29 Southwest, Hwy 29 Northwest
Tuesday: Hwy 10 South, Hwy 10 North
Wednesday: SW Wood County, Chili
Thursday: Hwy 29 Southest, Hwy 29 Northest

Call us at 1-800-956-4136 to have us deliver to you, or contact us for more information.