ProVision Partners Co-op - Feed Services


ProVision Partners feed services include:

  • route delivery- bagged feed and other farm supplies
  • bulk feed and mineral
  • liquid, pelleted and custom blended feeds
  • Experienced knowledgeable feed nutritionists for all types of livestock
  • Personalized Dairy Rations
  • PhD consulting through Land O' Lakes and Purina
  • Pellet Mill - Enhances palatability of feed, reduces dust and increases density of nutrients
  • Bulk Mineral Plant - Customized bulk and bagged mineral
  • Roller Grinder Mill - Less particle fines; improve feed quality along with proper particle size
  • Quality Control Program - Consistent feed formulations and random quality lab testing of ingredients

Our fleet of 6 bulk feed trucks have the ability to deliver bulk feed, grain or mineral blends directly to your operation (up to 24 ton capacity). Our customers can count on regular, on-time deliveries, and our experienced production staff is dedicated to getting the job done right.

Our convenient delivery to your farm(s) saves you time and money. For a small delivery fee our route delivery trucks out of Colby, Stratford and Chili will deliver up to 3,000 pounds of various animal products to your farm(s) once a week. Our route truck in Chili currently delivers on Thursday, while the route truck in Stratford has the following schedule:

Tuesday - Northeast of Stratford
Wednesday - Southeast of Stratford
Thursday - Northwest of Stratford
Friday - Southwest of Stratford

Route truck in Colby has the following schedule alternating every other week:

Monday - Northwest Hwy 29, West Colby/South 29
Tuesday- Southwest Colby, East Colby/Hwy 13
Wednesday- East Wood County, West Wood County
Thursday- Athens, Far East Wood County

Call us at 1-800-956-4136 for Stratford routes and 715-223-2329 for Colby routes to have us deliver to you, or contact us for more information.