ProVision Partners Co-op - Cenex convenience stores in Auburndale, Colby, Pittsville and Stratford , WI


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At ProVision Partners Cooperative, we work hard to bring the very best to our members. The "bottom line" is not only our concern--we blend good business strategy with the goal of offering better products and better service to our growing family of ProVision Partners members.

The Cenex Convenience Store is owned and operated by ProVision Partners Cooperative and is locally staffed with friendly employees ready to serve you. Located in Auburndale, Colby, Pittsville and Stratford the Cenex Convenience Store offers a full range of essentials, along with Cenex Roadmaster XL.

As an added convenience, the store is equipped with ATM machines and an LP Cylinder exchange for on the go people. ProVision Partners Cooperative makes it easy to pay as well, accepting all major credit cards, including the popular Cenex Card. Our stores are equipped with the convenience of "pay-at-the-pump", and our Chili location now has gasoline and diesel pumps available 24 hours with the Pump 24 card.

At ProVision Partners Cooperative, we believe in fair and honest pricing. Our products are always the finest quality and competitively priced. You can have the satisfaction of supporting your hometown, locally staffed Cenex Cooperative as the peace of mind that come from knowing your vehicle is running on genuine Cenex fuel.

Colby Location:
702 S. Division,
Colby, WI 54421
Phone: 715-223-2440
Pittsville Location:
8315 State Hwy. 73-80,
Pittsville, WI 54466
Phone: 715-884-2501
Stratford Location:
100 E Fir St.,
Stratford, WI 54484
Phone: (715) 687-3217
Auburndale Location:
10391 County Rd K
Auburndale, WI 54412
Phone: 715-502-3131
Chili Location:
N5694 Oak St
Chili, WI 54420